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''We Increase Your Sales Results'' 

Call For Change: 0800 007 6786 or

Email: salesresults(at)

Pathways to Success 1

Elite Graduate Pathway (EGP)

Our pathways are designed to take away the day to day headaches and stresses that your management team have in developing entry level sales graduates. We focus primarily on after office hours support to avoid disruptions in your day to day activities, although by request we can also support during office hours.

We train and develop your graduates to give back extra in developing themselves into professional salespeople. Our Elite Graduate Pathway is a series of professional development seminars and an optional accredited higher-level vocational certificate or diploma in sales or management over a period of 12 months your graduate will attend weekly seminars and also receive regular 1-2-1 tutorial support for their online learning.

We are only recruiting 20 to 30 graduates to train and develop over the next year, your graduates will be taught how to master sales science and implement practically what they have learnt into their everyday activities in an ethical and diligent manner. The roles we are targeting are entry level graduate sales roles which are generally in the region of 20 to 24k per annum.

Should yourself or your team need to see us in action we are more than happy to deliver a FREE 90-minute board breaking seminar for your current team upon your request.

Other Projects are as follows:

Bob Etherington Entry Into Sales (BEES)

The BEES project is for graduates or those that have come through our academy to get into enterprise or employment. targets are agreed between BE Academy and organisation for candidates to deliver, subject to candidate delivering their targets they are fast tracked into a higher salary plus bonuses and commissions.

Bob Etherington Enterprise Development (BEED)

The BEED project is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to achieve viable business growth through proactive selling, we implement a unique practical approach in developing entrepreneurial talent through practical sales application we are able to support your business to achieve its full potential whether you are an individual, small or large organisation we will facilitate your needs.

Book your FREE 1-2-1 meeting with our Principal.