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Job Information
Remote Branch Offices With Dedicated Offshore Technical Teams
CommissionCrowd 707 Days Ago
Job Type: Freelance
Job Salary Range: £ 10% - 10% Commission
Job Category: Computer/IT
Job Shift: N/A
Posted: 2017-02-14
Minimum Education: College
Degree Title: Related Degree
Minimum Experience: 2 Year
Age: 18+ - 55 Years
Work Permit:
Required Travel:
Job Status
Job Status: Interviewing
Start Publishing: 2017-02-14
No of Jobs: 1
Stop Publishing: 2018-03-31
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Extend your customers' Enterprise with Aotea off-shore Technology Branch Offices. We provide the staff (Developers, QA, Dev Ops, IT Support, Service Desk, Business Processing), facilities, IT, recruitment and HR, but the teams are your customers' teams and they are available at highly attractive outsourced prices and completely dedicated to your customers! All staff are highly qualified with excellent English and high work ethics, and are guaranteed dedicated to you!







About the opportunity

This is the perfect opportunity for self-employed (commission-based) sales agents seeking an opportunity to work with a leading provider of managed outsourced IT solutions.

Currently operating in NZ, GB and Scandinavia, this company provides outsourced software development, Network Operation Centres, Service Desk and Virtual Assistant services to companies wishing to work cost effectively by offshoring their requirements at outsourced prices but require the assurance and support of their team being 100% dedicated!

With traditional outsourcing companies, customers provide a set of requirements which are then shared out to a pool of developers who eventually return exactly what was asked for but not necessarily the right solution for the project, with change management being core and a heavy burden during the development life-cycle.

Aotea provides fully dedicated ‘smart’ teams to extend our customers’ pool of people, via remote branch offices. Our teams work directly with our customers, integrating seamlessly into their scrums and team structure; we simply provide the resources, HR, management, facilities – a remote branch office of staff but at hugely reduced cost to the company.

Why should self-employed sales professionals consider working with this company

We fully understand the self employed sales market, our Sales Director was found through Commission Crowd.

To qualify for the commission you need only introduce us to a customer who buys our services, no great effort is required on your part.

We won't be pressuring you to sell, but the more that we sell the more you earn.
We don't cap commission and we treat the customers you bring in as your customers, crediting you with any cross or up-selling that might occur through the duration of your relationship with us.
We handle all the technical negotiations, you just open the door, and we close the sale.

What kind of self-employed sales professional is best suited to this opportunity?

The ideal situation would be for Sales Agents working on their own portfolio who have the bandwidth to add our services and take them to their customers.

Training and support


Full marketing documentation in the form of brochures, presentations and guides are available. Aotea staff are available to work with all sales agents and will provide support through the sales cycle, as well as initial training. The technical aspects of contract writing, such as SOW, KPIs, SLAs are all handled by our operations teams




We offer an in-sourced, offshore, branch office experience.

Our teams are enduringly dedicated to our customers, never shared or moved: we provide time-sheets to prove it!

Everything we do, our entire ethos, is to enable our customers and staff.

As our teams are dedicated, they work as if they are direct employees of the customer, using their systems and processes, we don't get in their way: no lengthy change management, no stalling, and as we don't get involved we are able to target every industry. 



The Basics
Territories Global
Further territory details Our current push is into GB and EU, other territories are of great interest with potential for a joint ownership option for sales reps (see our other opportunity for details)
Selling method Telesales Face to FaceAppointment Setting
Leads provided No
Average deal value: 50,000+ (US Dollar)
Monthly customer spend: 10,000 to 50,000 (US Dollar)
Exclusive territory available Yes
Average sales cycle Months
Payment terms 10% of gross paid monthly for the full duration of the contract.
Customer type B2B
Prefered Skills
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