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Assessment Centre

Our online assessment centre is support by Quals Direct and vary in structure from employer to employer, our core purpose a Bob Etherington Academy is to create a learning environment in which you, along with other candidates, demonstrate competence in core workplace skills.

Bob Etherington Academy assessment will include communication, teamwork, problem-solving, task management and leadership and they are assessed through online and offline activities such as group work, presentations, case studies ande-portfolio exercises

You will also be able to access your learning records directly and keep up to date with your progress your portfolio online in order to provide peace of mind and added reassurance that learners need to fulfill their learning potential.


1 2 1 Tutorials

Bob Etherington Academy provides online courses for awards, certificate, diploma and CPD courses in a range of different categories.

Bob Etherington Academy courses are by professionals whom have acquired extensive industry experience in their field.

Our courses a variety of skills set such as management and leadership, business and enterprise, digital media, personal development and soft skills, sales, health and social care, children and young people’s workforce, education and training and assessing qualifications.

Our E portfolio and online booking system for tutorials allows you easy access to your tutor at a time that is suitable for you. This allows our learners to build effective relationships with their tutors to improve the quality of your learning process.

You will also be able to access your learning records to keep up to date with your grades and for your own reference and peace of mind. 

We put you in control and empower you to learn with Bob Etherington Academy a personal 1-2-1 support from your course tutors to guide you to a more pleasurable learning experience. Bob Etherington Academy tutors are highly experienced and all have teaching qualifications and industry experience in their chosen field.

You will get a strong sense of how they engage with you through your learning process right from the start. Use platform to arrange lessons is chosen by you with a self-booking system that is directly linked to your tutor’s times and availability.

When your tutor does not meet your requirements, you can leave feedback to tell us why or make a complaint following our complaint and grievance procedure.


Learning Platform

Our cloud-based eLearning courses are theeasiestand mostcost-effectivemethod to engage with your professional learning. You can work from a distance whilst getting the professional support needed for you to be able to progress with your learning, whilst gaining the skills and competences needed to get ahead in your chosen career at times suitable for yourself.

  Our learning management system offers simplicity, user friendly modules with high-quality courses supported by a range of professional services to support you every step of the way.

Bob Etherington Academy can also customize courses specifically for employers making it very easy for companies to create engaging eLearning courses for their staff without the need for technical knowledge or training. Bob Etherington Academy courses are easily accessible on desktops, laptops and tablets (including iPad)


Bob Etherington Academy seminars/webinars are highly interactive and engaging for our learners to explore their topics in depth and develop the core skills, knowledge and competence needed to excel in their professional careers.

Our seminars/webinars are delivered by industry specific tutors and professionals who have acquired years of experience in their chosen profession, Bob Etherington Academy has a thorough vetting and assessment process for our tutor and professionals prior to them delivering seminars/webinars.

Our core focus is to enable our learners to develop their learning well after they qualify, to many learners gain a qualification and do not keep up with industry trends and patterns and gradually become outdated in their industry sectors.

Bob Etherington Academy encourages our learners to maintain their professional development and is always keen to hear from our current and existing learners who may want Bob Etherington Academy to develop courses that allow them to progress.

We are always seeking innovative solutions to improve our learners experience, Bob Etherington Academy is learner centred organisation and seeks to deliver the highest quality seminars/webinars for our learners to gain competitive advantage. 


Online Support

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel No: 020 8610 9420 (Opt)